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Awesome....thanks for the quick replies. I was second guessing myself that it might be too early. The only thing I worry about is other vendors coming in and out after I have left and messing something up. But, they shouldn't really be anywhere near the cake table. It's going to be stacked and doweled, so I'm not worried about it tipping over or anything like that. I just emailed the event coordinator to make sure the A/C will be on. The tables will all be set up the day...
I have a 5 tier wedding cake to deliver this Saturday for a friend of mine. The ceremony is at 5:30pm and guests are expected to arrive at the reception hall around 7pm. I was originally thinking of delivering the cake around 3-3:30pm because it's an hour away and I have to assemble on site (giving myself an hour to set up just in case of mishaps). Do you think that's too early? Should I wait until closer to the reception time? How early do you deliver big wedding...
Just in case anyone else is searching.....I ended up ordering from wholesalesugarflowers and they are wonderful!!! They arrived in perfect condition, not a single one broken and very fast shipping. They were also the cheapest I could find for buying in bulk.Valerie
hmmmmm, that's what I kind of figured, but they were sure it wasn't crusting. I think I'm going to ask them to see the ingredient list on the bucket and maybe will just buy it and give it a try on a practice cake first.
I know this is not ideal, but I have a 5 tier mostly buttercream wedding cake due at the end of June and I just can't imagine having to make that much buttercream from home!! That's a TON! Sam's club will sell their buttercream in 5 gallon buckets fro $35. I've heard of people adding flavoring to it to help it taste better. However, they told me it's not a crusting buttercream. I definitely need crusting! Any idea on how to make it a crusting buttercream? Anyone else find...
Awesome...thanks so much for the ideas!! I'll check them out! If anyone has any other recommendations, please feel free to chime in!!Thanks!
Does anyone have a recommendation of where to order premade gumpaste calla lillies?? I know they are easy to make, but I need about 120 of them for a wedding cake coming up and am very crunched for time with a baby at home and just don't have the time to sit and make all of these. I've checked out prices at Sugarcraft and Cakes by Sam. Anyone order from these before? Any other recommendations?Thanks so much!Valerie
I have a wedding cake to do in June and the bride really wants gumpaste flowers on it. I don't do many gumpaste flowers as most people I have worked with want real flowers, so I have no idea how much to charge for them.Do you charge different prices for different flowers? Price per flower or spray? Thoughts?? They are so time consuming to make that I want to make sure and cover my time involved as well as the materials. Thanks in advance!Valerie
Hmmm.....I'll have to check into the lard and the margarine that someone mentioned. Most margarines actually have a milk derivitive in them or they have soybeal oil. He can't have ANY soy or dairy, even trace amounts.Thanks, if anyone else has any suggestions, please chime in!! We're in the process of doing an elimination diet to find out what else he's sensative to. Hopefully it's not eggs or wheat!!
My son is allergic to dairy and soy, and he has his first birthday coming up in August. I can make a cake without dairy and soy, but the icing is tricky! I can't use crisco because it has soybean oil in it! Whipped cream is out because of the dairy.....I don't know what else to do!!Any suggestions??Thanks,Valerie
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