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I can't even figure out how to search the galleries for a particular subject matter any more!! I don't like this at all!
Hello, I've done a few topsy turvy cakes before without any problem. I usually use the method where you cut a level "hole" in the top to place the next tier on. Well, I have a cake for next weekend where the customer insisted on 4 very large tiers, but only wanted 50 servings. So, I'm doing 2 dummy tiers and 2 cake tiers. I'm looking for suggestions on how best to stack these to prevent any movement (I have to transport it assembled). Tiers will be 20" dummy, 16"...
I'm making some of those 3D high heel cupcakes for a birthday party this weekend. What is the best way to box them up for transport? I worry about them sliding and having heel breakage!! Thanks!Valerie
Awesome!! Thanks so much....I think I'm going to make some MMF, I don't like the rolled buttercream fondant at all. It is greasy looking, I agree!
I've been doing cakes for a long time, but am new to cookies. I like the idea of using fondant on cookies because I think it's easier to deal with and faster! I tried the rolled buttercream fondant, and I am not real fond of the texture or flavor of it or something. I guess I'm used to that really sweet RI that is usually on sugar cookies. Is there a way for me to get that SWEET top without using RI?Another question......Can I do a RI flooded base, and put fondant on top...
I've never worked with modeling chocolate, but that definitely might be worth a try!! Thanks for the idea...that also would help with getting straight and neat lines too!
I have a request for an all buttercream decorated cake......denim or navy blue with white pinstripes to simulate a conductors hat. They have specifically requested no fondant. I'm pretty sure that the blue will bleed into the white! Any suggestions on how to prevent it from bleeding? If I use royal icing instead of buttercream for the white pinstripes, would it still bleed?Thanks!Valerie
Hello,I'm now covered under the cottage food laws to bake out of my home. I'm wondering if I NEED to register a business name and actually set myself up as a small business in order to do this. I only bake part-time on the side so I'm not selling a large amount of cakes. Just wondering if anyone knows the pros and cons of setting myself up as an official business vs. just selling a few cakes on the side?? Thanks!!Valerie
I often make and decorate cakes, and am comfortable in how much I charge for them. I have a request for a cookie cake....any recommendations on pricing??
I recently bought a sheet of RED wilton sugar sheets to try on a cake that I am making (customer wants stripes but HATES any kind of fondant so I thought I would try this instead). Anyways.....the red looks PINK when you take it out of the package!!! Yikes!! Will it get darker as it dries? Can I paint color onto it? Thanks for any tips or advice you can give!! Valerie
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