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To deal with any bits of colored fondant. I have a piece of white I use as a cleaner. Just riled it through several times until no more colored comes out. Save that piece in a bag. And then work with the piece for the cake. Use the cleaner piece many times until it is too filled with color.
UNDER!!!! Brilliant! I had a brand new kitchenaid attachment. It was awesome. Used it the first time couldn't believe how wuickly I was able to move through my project. But then it started sticking. So I moistened paper towel and had it running to clean the rollers. Worked several times and then the last time. It grabbed the towel and jammed the machine. It jammed so badly that it broke a piece inside. I was heartbroken. $80!!! And called kitchenaid and they do not sell...
Yeah who's judging? who is the sensitive one. sigh...
Way too funny...yeah my first thought was whoops a bit too close to the meds.And yeah fondant not usually so tasty...but forbidden fondant! Delicious!!!
I am thinking of using some luster dust as well. I am doing a "death star with darth vader and the death star is exploding a planet" direct quote from Micheal the 5 year old. I had really wanted to do the 3D death star using the sports ball mold I have seen here, but he was very specific in his description.The luster dust I think will add to the idea oa star system...I my just do a line or too of spray creating depth.
Thank you everyone for the replies.I have to deliver the cake to my friend's son's birthday at 11AM on Saturday morning. So I do not think I can get the special airbrush food colorings in time. But thanks for the tip on the filtering. I can try to mix with lemon extract (thanks for that tip too, I use lemon in my frosting, so it will blend in) and then use a filter screen I have to try to minimize the clogging. I have never used my airbrush before. I just bought it. ...
Well it is worth a try, thank you very much!Is the vodka an issue for alcohol taste on the frosting. This is a kid's birthday cake. Try to do a death star and darth vader.K
I am doing a cake for this Saturday. I just bought an airbrush. I cannot figure out how to get gray as a color to airbrush. I cannot find Gray food coloring.Also, what is the best method for converting gel food colorings to sprayable color?Speeding replies will be gratefully acknowledged.- Katherine
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