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I know someone who uses half and half to frost there cakes and I was wondering if you need to put sugar in that and how long do you have to whipped it because i tryed to that and it took long time to whipped well lets just it didnt even whipped maybe there a trick to whipped half and half cream, please tell me because i would to try and use it on my cakes
I need help i have this cake for a little girl who wants Abby KAtby and I dont even know who or what that is pleace help i nned ifo for this weekend cake
I like to make MFF and I was wondering how long well it keep untill I need to use it, I am planning to make a cake but I want to make the MFF couple days or so, well it still be good to use
I was thinking of buying a printer so I can my images out of frosting sheets does anyone know witch works the best I was thinking buying a PIXMA Mx300 canon but am not sure if that would work
can someone tell me on how to make the Thomas the train, I makeing cake i need instructions on how to make Thomas with have sheet cake, pleace
am moveing to san antonio tx and I was wondering were can I find supplies for cake?
am planning to make a small park bench or any kind of a bench but am not sure how I would start so I need ideas and picture?
i have this book its called Lettering perfection and saying occasions by Vi Whittington and Autumn Carpanter, I guess its so you can have perfe3ct writing and i was wondering if someone can tell me were I can get perfection Sheets
I was wondering I seen this cake on here were they used rice paper and cut it out I think it was hello kitty they cut so it could be the shape and then they fill up with stars and I was wondering if you do the same thing but use frosting sheets?
I planning to do a half sheet tres leche cake and I was wondering how many of each 3 milks I need to use? pleace help me
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