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I have a girl who I've made cakes for before. She wants a barbie doll cake, the ones where the dress is the cake. I've not done one before and have no clue how to price it. The only pricing I've been able to get is from Publix for 47.99. What do you guys think? Thanks!
Thanks guys. The frosting will be dry by the time we assemble it. I like the wax paper idea and may do that just for added security. That's good to know about the wire ribbon. I never would have thought about it cutting into the cake!
I've noticed some beautiful anniversary cakes with ribbon wrapped around the bottom of each layer. We are doing a 50th anniversary cake for my inlaws party next weekend and I bought some beautiful shear ribbon. My friend brought up a good point though. Does the ribbon not show grease stains from the buttercream or is there a secret to keep this from happening? Thanks!Mel
Great ideas about the bags and the trellis. Unfortunately I don't have kitchen doors. My house is designed a bit weird. No pantry which makes storage really a pain! Keep the ideas coming. I love hearing them!
Thanks guys. I wasn't sure if the change in temp would warp them at all. I wish I had a closet to do that with. It's so organized and neat!!
Is there any reason that I shouldn't or couldn't store character cake pans in tubs in my garage? The garage is not temperature controled or moisture controled. It's just a good ole fashion garage. They take up so much space in the house and most I don't use on any regular basis so I'm trying to think of somewhere else to store them that is still easily accessible. thanks
I noticed at the bottom of the recipe it said you could add the Wilton melts. Could you use some vanilla in place of some of the water or will this mess with the consistency? Has anyone tried this? If so what about the flavor with/without vanilla added? Thanks!
yes, yes it is! I have as much fun finding and collecting the pans as I do making and decorating!
Thank you! I completely forgot it was in that yearbook!! The mouth and nose is a bit different from the picture but it gives me a place to start.Thanks again
I love it! I too love purple. I think it will help spark creativity!
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