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I need a nice recipe for a 4 year old celiac girl. Her mum is desperate for nicely decorated gluten free cupcakes for her & has rung me in desperation (she lives in another state). She wants them decorated prettily. She can get gluten free muffins etc but can't find special ones (pretty etc). Can anyone help??(I'm in Sydney Australia).Thanks,kylielam2005
Silly me! My castle cake IS on my photo page (but not many others yet!)
I also worry about the turrets falling. However my turrets are modelling paste only (no cake) & the side ones I first put a circle of royal icing under each, then I put a thin, neat sausage of fondant around each (secured to the cake board with royal icing or sugar glue) & press into the turrett softly. So far so good, though I still worry. Have a look at my castle pic in the fairytale comp. (I must post it on my page).
The cakes way too bumpy. Also make sure the fondant isn't too soft...that makes a HUGE difference. And you can cover with 2 layers. I do mine thicker, especially if I'm doing one layer (1/2 inch thick). i realised every lump & bump will show up....& if the cake is eneven. I put a thicker layer of buttercream too with a cocolate scraper to get it neat. That made a big difference (the chocolate scraper...i have a cheap plastic one).
I buy a royal icing mix in Australia & have been using it. Mind you it's just as easy using egg white as it's almost the same. Adding liquid to icing sugar.With the mix you just add water. My royal icing recipe you just use icing sugar & add enough eggwhite til you get the right consistency. You can add a little lemon juice (I think that's similar to the tatare as it's acidic). If you want it softer add glycerine (a little) & it wont set as hard. Mind you I'm not an expert...
Sorry, I didn't look at the time. It's probably too late to reply to you. I forgot to add I'm in Australia so it's only 7pm. If you need anything let me know (email me...I'm fairly new to this site...can you get my email? If not, try You should only have to mix a short time (seconds to minute or so). You sound like me being up late doing something I should've tried beforehand first!
I don't use a recipe. I put the icing sugar (very soft cake sugar) in a bowl, then add a little egg white at a time until it's the right consistency. If it wont come together than you just add more egg white or a little water & mix. Keep adding until it mixes together. you get the hang of it after awhile. If it's too runny, add more icing sugar. If you're piping do it abit thicker than you think or it will be too runny. Hope that helps! (remember to cover the icing bowl...
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