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Ha ha funny! Haven't been on CC for a long time so nice to see some humour on here :D
Yes people using other cake businesses photos IS a big deal & it's been happening for years. I never get around to watermarking as sometimes they can remove them if they know what they are doing, but one day I'll start doing it.  And no it doesn't always come back to bite them or ruin their business. I know a UK baker who made a huge start in her business by having her whole website FULL of other cake businesses photos...then (& still) advertising herself as cake maker to...
that link didn't work so will do it again www.*********.com
I love her site, it's here http://*********.com such a fantastic site!
Hi, Those are my cupcakes..the embossed ones in the original picture. I haven't been on here for ages so was worried I may have missed an email from cupcakecouture asking about them (no email so I don't feel guilty for not answering now phew). Those ones in particular are done with a roller.....I think it's the swan patterned roller (it's a medium size) but mine broke as soon as I got it (fell on the floor & broke in 2 so don't drop them) so it makes it harder to use it ...
P.S. My husband works in the movie industry & I remember him saying years ago that a certain company that may or may not be mentioned above.... are notorious for being really stingy, tight with money AND mean...his friend in the US who owns a huge movie business wont deal with them at all, so this topic with copying characters etc doesn't suprise me! Wouldn't you think it would be free advertising for them??
Hi,I'm in Australia & my business is making original & unique cupcakes.....I've designed some really unique ones, have searched the net before hand for 3-4 years without seeing anything like them, have spoken to a copyright lawyer, yet on the photo site I'm on have come across some people who are intent on causing trouble by insisting I am wrong with everything. One person insists that cakes can't be copyrighted because they are pershables...but I was under the impression...
Hi, I was sent a request on the history of lace embossed/imprinted cakes & cupcakes. I know the history in my country, but was needing help for the history in the US & other areas please. Does anyone know when imprinting lace designs began in the US, on big cakes, & on cupcakes? Does anyone have photos of lace imprinting on cakes/cupcakes form years ago?Thanks.
I'm wondering if anyone can tell me when sugarpaste was brought to the US, or first used in the US please?
Some people have no idea about respect!! 6am is disgusting!! What a selfish so & so!! Like my neighbour who takes her dog out for a short walk (in her nighty) at 11pm every single bloody night so it can s*** on other peoples lawns, bark madly & LOUDLY & wake us all!!I can't believe such people can sleep at night!
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