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Could so use this stuff if anyone has any idea what it is????
What is it that they use on cakeboss, next great baker to make there gumpaste stuff dry so fast. It looks like a can of some type of air? Does anyone know what it is called. There is no way they can make some of the stuff they do in 8 hours and have it stand they way they do without using something to make it dry fast.
We are located in Ohio and we have no problem charging higher amounts. If people want them they will pay for it. Plus it has to be worth your while to make it. I was charging lower amounts when I first started out of the house and after I calculated how much I was actually making, it was only about 2.00 an hour. Not worth the time or effort or mess.We are not in a big city either and our area was hit very hard by the economy. If they don't want it because it is to...
I have a great recipe that is similar to the one posted. I can not put it up because my local competitor is a member of CC. So if the one that is posted does not work out for you private message me and I will share it.We have been told that it is the best cake ever.
How do I make fonant in that dark, dark purple almost black that a lot of my brides are going with. It almost looks like the outside of an eggplant only a little less black and a little more purple.
O.K. ran into a problem.We just opened our store and bought a comericial grade refrigerator (one you would find in a resteraunt). I decorated two cakes this past weekend with fondant accents. On both the fondant got really really soft almost melted. I also had a gumpaste mardi gras mask on the one and it got soft also. The mask was rock hard before I stuck it in the fridge.Never had this happen in my home fridge. Do the commericial grade ones have moisture in them and...
Thanks so much will be trying it this week.What does the cornstarch do, I have never added to the recipe?????
Thanks SharonI will be interested in knowing, There was diffenitly to much air going into the BC. I love your recipe and I am hoping to make it in larger batches.Thanks again
Yes we do use Sweetex. I will try but I believe she just uses a 5qt. mixer.Thanks
Has anyone multiplied Sugar Shacks icing and made it in a 20qt. Hobart Mixer. Need help!!!!!!I multiplied her recipe by 4 and when I mixed it in my Hobart it tasted like the shortening (not enough Powdered Sugar and I know I added the right amount). So I added more sugar and when I got it to what I thought it was the right sweetness I stopped. Then when I put it on my cake I could not use the diamond pattern on it, it was to sticky (it was in the fridge overnight). I...
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