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I have made several tiered cakes and am having a problem with the dowel rods coming up through the top tier. Am i not stacking correctly? Can someone please help me with this dilemma? Thank you.
Alice your matrix is awesome. Will put it to use for my cookie projects.conbon
Where can a get a copy of the cookie pricing matrix. Will be doing a lot of cookies and need help with pricing.
I am wanting to start a cake business in my home in Pennsylvania and am confused by all the laws and regulations. Does anyone have any ideas?
missy77510, does your book explain how to make periwinkle blue?
I am doing a bridal shower cake next week and the bride's color is Periwinkle. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make this color? Please, please help!!!
I just checked out the website for Country Kitchen SweetArt. I totally agree with everyone on this post when they say how great this site is. I ordered 2 catalogs (one for me and one for a friend). Can't wait until they arrive.
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