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I can't do steciling either so I use home made gum paste and use cutters for the impresstion. The home made gum paste stays flexiable for awhile so you can move it around without breaking. I also use it in my cutting machine.
WOW!! I can't be;ieve all the beautiful cakes I'm missed seeing. Thanks for the thread!!!
That link works, Thank you!!
I am so going to try some of these!!! I can see the pounds going to the hips right now!!
So many combo to try!!!
This is great - I just love the people here on CC
Guess I don't know how to post a pic in the form
I found this during a Scooby Doo search and I would love to know how this is done - Anyone??
Thank you so much for sharing!!!
Thanks for sharing how to do this.... I feel like I just learned the secret to a magic tric!!
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