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Thank you so much G_Cakes.  Here's what I finally came up with.  They actually went on the wedding cake of a world famous movie celebrity.  Due to confidentiality I didn't know that at the time. Was a great honor to be a small part of it.
Thanks auntginn.  I'll keep working at it.
  Here is a picture of my roses.  They are very different.  I have a client that needs a swirl center and I just don't seem to be able to do it.
These white roses were done by Ron Ben Israel.  See how the one in the right lower corner swirls. 
I see that Ron Ben Israel and Maggie Austin make roses with a spiral center.  Does anyone know how to make these.  I've looked on YouTube that, and did a Google search, but I haven't seen anything.  I know of one way to do them but it's not efficient.   
LOL.  No problem.  I just bought the sponges and  tried them out.  They work perfectly.  They do give the roses a very different look compared to painting the edges.  Your the best!  NOW GET BACK TO YOUR JAM.
I have several of Alan Dunn's book. Which one is it in?   He is an absolute master, as is Robert Haynes.  Guess I'd better get to the store.  Thanks again for the tip.
Great suggestion.  I would never have thought of that.  I tried the brush and it's working perfectly, but it's taking a lot of time.  I'll also give the sponge a try.
Thanks so much for your responses.  Will definitely give the flat brush a try.
I need to make some roses with black edges.  I thought of using a food grade marker but the line is to thin.  I also thought of just painting the edges with a flat brush.  If you have made these before what technique worked best for you?  Do you have any pictures you can share?
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