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I think the buttermilk is the most important in the recipe anyway. That is what helps give the red velvet cake it's flavor, the cocoa is a minor contributor. If I made them again, I would decrease the amount of cocoa or eliminate it altogether. Perhaps try a "pink velvet" recipe that's known to work.
I tried making blue velvet cupcakes for my son's birthday and they turned out this really weird shade of dark green once they were baked. I followed a recipe that I use for a scratch red velvet cake and just substituted the royal blue color with the red. I don't think I'll ever try that again.
love the popcorn eating picture... that's exactly what I was thinking. LOL
WTH? I don't know any hospital that would allow that kind of circus for anyone having a baby. And who in the world has balloon arches and all the works for a party in the hospital? Now if it was for a hospital event, then that's different. No way in heck would I have allowed anyone from security to take a box from me that wasn't paid for. If they didn't pay for it, then it's not theirs.
I've used the CK high ratio shortening and it worked really well for me. I didn't need to order 50lbs. and I wanted to try the high ratio. I've been meaning to get to Crawford's Creations since we don't have much in the way of supply stores here in Charlotte which is just insane if you ask me.
Thanks so much for the info. I bought the store brand ricotta cheese. I guess I'll dump this batch and try the sargento brand. I was going to use the recipe that called for cream cheese as well. It's supposed to be the filling for an Italian cream cake. I might try to put it in the food processor first to see how it comes out. Some days I really hate tying new recipes.
okay, I guess it's just me... I hate things with curd texture. Can't stand cottage cheese or tapioca pudding. LOL I just can't imagine putting this in a cake for someone, but it's what they requested.
I'm trying to make a cannoli cream filling for a cake and my ricotta mixture is still lumpy with tiny curds in it. How am I supposed to get it smooth and creamy? Right now it just looks nasty and there is no way I'd use it in a cake. Thanks!
Thank you so much for the insight! I don't think it has to be edible, personally, I don't care since it's going to have to be removed regardless to serve the cake. My cousin didn't specify that it be edible. I'll see if I can find the dodda vine. Thanks again!
It didn't attach. I guess they haven't gotten that fixed yet. I uploaded it to my photos. I appreciate any insight on how to accomplish the vine. Thanks!
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