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thanks for all the advice. unfortunately I didn't put icing between the top and bottom and I have to deliver this cake in a few hours. I guess this is one of those "you have to learn the hard way" lessons! LOL OH and thanks for the fondant warning. I was thinking about making one covered in fondant for a childs that won't be happening now.
I really like this pan, but how are you supposed to cut the cake so that every slice has icing on it??
ooohhhh oooohhhh please include me also.thanks so much. what an awesome idea
thank you thank you thank you!!!
thanks everyone for your replies. I am so excited to give this a try. they can't be any worse than my buttercream roses. OMG they are horrible. they don't look like anything found in nature! LOL
I am going to try royal icing flowers today, because I hear they are much easier than bc. I have only tried bc so far and I really stink at it. do I use the same tips and techniques as bc or is ri different? I would love to hear any tips and hints you have.TIA
I do the same thing as Jibbies....Ice with BC and fill with cream cheese icing. I tried one of the crusting Bc recipes here on CC and it was a complete disaster. I had to scrape it all off at 3AM and run to walmart to get the supplies to make BC. I don't think I will ever try the crusting cream cheese recipe again.
I know this isn't michaels but here is the link for a 40 percent off wilton products at Hobby Lobby!
if you don't already have sugar shacks dvd "perfecting the art of buttercream" you should invest in it. It will show you exactly how to get rid of the bulge and ice the cake perfectly. I have watched it many times and learn something new every time. as far as the icing consistency, when I know that I've followed the recipe and didn't make any measuring mistakes, I put in the fridge a few minutes to cool it down and stiffen it up a bit.good luck
My customers tell me how much they like the cakes, but sometimes I feel like the are saying it out of obligation. I feel the most complimented when they reorder and refer friends. That's when I know the genuinely liked what I made for them.
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