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I used them once. I just pressed the ribbon lightly into the icing & they stuck just fine. HTH
I use the crusting cream cheese recipe from the recipe section. Don't forget to add the salt - that helps to cut any over sweetening! I also taste the icing after adding about 2 1/2 - 3 lbs of the powdered sugar to make sure it's not going to end up too sweet. It's one of my favorites! HTHHere's the link:
I've got a cake in my photos that I did with just BC, polka dots included (they're just not flat)...HTH
I don't think marshmallow cream/fluff (the kind in a jar) has gelatin & I think you can use that to make MMF...sorry I don't know exact details, but I hope that helps maybe head you in the right direction.
I'm not sure about having to refrigerate it, but I always do. I wouldn't want the cake to start sagging b/c it got too soft or something...HTH. By the way, it's a great tasting icing that is often requested!
Shortening always helps me for the countertop/roller/sometimes even my gloves...and, yes it adds shine!When you're making the mmf, if it's looking too dry in the bowl, I add a touch more water. Also, sometimes if it's hard while trying to use it, a few seconds in the microwave softens it right up.HTH
Usually as the mmf sits, the color intensifies. I'd give it a little bit & see if it darkens. Also, sometimes if I'm using shortening while I handle it (to keep it from sticking to surfaces), it ends up somewhat glossy. Hope that helps!
That's what I was thinking, too. With the cake flavor being so rich, I bet a simple filling would work best.
From what I understand, it's easier to color the mmf brown when it's still in the "wet" mixing stage (before you add the powdered sugar). You can just add melted chocolate before you put the ps in. I would be careful about using powdered chocolate though b/c it can actually turn the fondant black. Here's a link. Hope this helps!
I think what makes an icing crust has something to do with the fat-to-solid ratio (??not sure if I'm calling it the right thing). I made the crusting cream cheese icing once without adding the full amount of powdered sugar. It tasted great but just wouldn't crust. Since then I've added more powdered sugar, and now it crusts wonderfully! I've heard adding meringue powder will help icing to crust too. So, I guess you could try that or powdered sugar...but I'm not sure how...
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