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Thank you, I thought it was a pound cake, but wanted to be sure.
I have to make a 3-D ambulance on a sheet cake and I am trying to remember, is it a sponge cake that is used for carving a cake or is it a pound cake.  I just haven't done a 3-D cake in so long I can not remember.  And if you know which recipe would be best and want to share, I would greatly appreciate it. I am making this for a friend and she is traveling with it, so I don't want it falling apart on the road.  Thanks
I know that they are family and their snarky remarks can get to you, but I would not let any family try to belittle my work in any way shape or form. Why is it that you want to keep the peace, but they are allowed to hurt you and get away with it. I know they are just jealous, but they can at least give you a straight forward compliment without the snide remarks. Next time do not give them any bells and whistles, just a plain old cake and when the remarks start up, just...
Have you thought about opening up just half days? Start up early morning, stop at noon. This leaves you with the afternoon for your family. When I was doing cakes many years ago for family & friends that actually paid for cakes, I was getting burned out and raised my prices. I was stunned that they were still willing to pay whatever I asked. It did not slow my part-time business at all. I finally stopped when I had hand surgery twice within 3 months.
Can you just delete their comment? If not respond by saying that since they have no problem making false assumptions and unprofessional comments, you refuse to debate anything that has to do with your fully qualified business with them.
A touch of class.Cake CreationsThe Art of CakesCake Time
Not sure if this will help, but I made this one for a baby shower.
Fantastic work, you are one talented cake artist.
It looks like the ribbons that they make for curly hair bows. You cut the ribbon, wrap on a dowel, spray starch and bake in oven. Take them out of oven and unwind them. Of course for this look, you would not wind them up tight on a dowel. She probably put a few inside of a straw and inserted then in the cake. This is all guesswork on my part.Here is a link to the bows to explain how it is done.
The first thing I would say is "What is your budget? then tell them what they get for that price. Do not discount unless you are giving it to a charity of some kind. Or tell them they will have to come over and do all the clean up as you go to help out with the labor cost.
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