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I'd love to know too!
Anyone know or ever try to use the Edible Wafer Paper Images on Chocolate (as opposed to fondant, frosting, etc)?Thanks.Karen
Here's some pics of mine!Karen
I make mine with 3 large marshmallows (store bought) and charge $15 per dozen and have no problems selling at that price.Karen
I've been asked to set up a gourmet sweets table at a holiday bazaar...What's the best way to sell things at a show that generally require refrigeration?? Do you bring coolers packed with ice??Karen
Hi ladies - here are some I've made in the past....My most popular flavor - the Apple Pie Apple! Caramel apple, rolled in crushed graham cracker, sprinkled with cinnamon and drizzled with white chocolate!!Hopefully this works...I've never tried attaching photos before.Karen
Thank you So embarassed...I just realized I asked the same question a few weeks back! So really...thanks again!!Karen
If I make the oreo truffles (oreos & cream cheese dipped in almond bark) - how long do you think they can sit out without refrigeration?? Say I give them for a gift - do I need to tell people to put them right in the fridge??Thanks.Karen
When you make cookie balls (oreos and cream cheese) - I'm assuming these need to stay refrigerated??? Any idea how long these can safely sit out and not go bad?? I like to decorate them and give as gifts or bring to parties and am always worried about someone getting sick!!Thanks!Karen (newbie here)
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