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What is the site to register for the cookie convention...Never heard of it.   thanks
Don't know if this a fact...But, I was told when you refund money you are admitting fault.  Therefore opening yourself up for other liability  Such as punitive damages...You ruined my wedding reception....not just wanting refund for cake only  wanting more than just a refund...maybe new upholstry in car because red stain won't come out etc
Try adding about 1/8 tsp popcorn salt....It makes it have less of a sweet taste but you won't taste any salt  Been doing this 40 years  
Well lets see...then should they make the wedding dress less...Its only going to be worn once???    Oh, and what about dinner out tonight.  I am going to eat it immediately...Should they discount that.??   Crazy People.    I just had a Mom ask me if I was going to make the birthday cake PRETTY....,Wanted to say NO!  I really work hard to make them ugly!!   Don't  lower your price..I am sure you are worth every penny or she wouldn't have come to you in the...
Personally, I think it looks so neat they didn't know it was a real cake.  And probably after your husband cut it.  Most either didn't see it was a real cake or if a few of them did at that point    they were already full from the meal and cupcake..   You did a really great job.
Same won't pull up[. Thanks
The same thing happens to me!!! Would love to hear a solution
I too would love to hear the answer....
I do this a lot....I have a small spray bottle with a fine a travel hairspray bottle. I spritz a little water all around my butter cream or fondant cake and then sprinkle on the glitter and it really works for me...I don't get the cake really wet though...I just put a mist all over and tip the cake a little sideways to sprinkle with the glitter....I also do this one tier at a time so I can tilt it a littleI sure hope this helps...let me know how it goes.
Wow, sounds great has anyone else tried it????
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