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This is just a 5 petal cutter and you could use any of the vein molds or a veining tool. You can google any of these terms and find multiple sellers.
Every year a friend of mine asks for a banana cream pie cake for his wife. Every year he raves that it was great, but not exactly what she wanted usually in relation to the cake density. I have experimented with lots of banana cake recipes, and no matter how light and fluffy they turn out, they are still not as light and fluffy as a typical white or yellow cake (which is what I think he is looking for). I have always assumed this had something to do with the natural...
May seem like a silly question but which mixing attachment are you using? I find the whisk attachment works best for batter and the beater attachment for frosting, although I know some people use it for both.
I saw a pic of a very simple cake with little flowers and a dog figure sitting at the base with frosting on his nose. Might be cute to have each dog trying to "sample" the cake.
Well, we'll call this one a "live and learn" cake. I decided not to make an internal frame since the dragon was actually going to be relatively small. The big lesson was making figures that have to conform to a cake size and shape ahead of time did not work form me. I used cake dummies the same size as the planned cake, but of course after trimming, filling and icing the real cake, it was definitely not the same size as the dummies. But my friend loved the cake, it...
And that's "roses" not rosea. :)
I am definitely not an expert, but those look more like small rosea without the center bud. It looks like they just cut lots of rose petals and overlayed them, but didn't do a full flower. I would suggest a tutorial like this, but just without the center and fewer outer petal layers to give it more of a "closed" bud appearance. Sorry I can't be of more help.
Thanks so much for the advice! Yes I was planning to build the body, wings and head separately since they will each need their own detail work. So excited to give this a try!
I have only done small fondant and gumpaste figures for my cakes so far that have required minimal to no support. I want to do a dragon figure for a friend's birthday. It will be climbing the side of a small 2 tier cake. The plan is to make an internal structure, cover with rice krispies, coat with candy melts or buttercream and then cover with fondant. As I have never attempted this complicated a design I was hoping some of you more experienced decorators could offer...
For the gold accents, you could try piping royal icing and then painting gold once it has set. I have done that for cookies.
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