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I've received a request for a decorated cake with real, sliced strawberries in between the cake layers. I have a coworker who loves to cook new things and one day she brought in a cake with the strawberries slices in between two chocolate cake layers. One of my other coworkers loved the taste of fresh strawberries inside the cake and knew that I decorate cakes so she asked if I was able to do the same thing. I figured that the lady who brought in the cake to the office had...
Thank you both for your suggestions. Today I plan on doing some bakery browsing to see the local prices as you suggested. thank you again,Amy
Hey Everybody,How's you week going? I have a few quick questions. The first one is, for a 11x15 sheet cake with a football cake on top made from Wiltons pan, how much do you charge? It's a boxed cake with buttercream. This cake is going to be a little more simpler than others I've done. I understand that prices vary from town to town but I need some guide lines. Do you charge for the cost then a certain % on top of that? Or do you look at the current prices at your local...
I posted a ton of questions on Wilton about what was the best Kitchen Aid because I was planning to get my first one. Many people loved what they had but couldn't give much advise about the other tyes of KA's because they never used a different type. Well I'm in the same boat, I got my first KA the end of last year. It's the 6qt. The 6qt only comes with the bowl lift. My only problem with my mixer is the diffeculty in adding ingredients. I hate covering the outside of my...
I have another question then. Why is the Wilton 1/2 sheet smaller than most 1/2 sheet sizes. Isn't that odd?AMY
Good question. Does someone have an answer?
My favorite is Betty Crocker's Golden Vanilla. Once I discovered it I stopped finding it in the stores around me. I emailed Betty Crocker to see if they were taking it off the shelves but they said no and I should be able to get it a a whole list of stores. Well I'm still having problems finding it. What a pain. Amy
Hey everyone, especially chocolate lovers,How chocolatly does the Wilton Chocolate Buttercream taste? Is it the best kind of icing that you could use to decorate a cake for a chocolate lover? Or is there a simple, different receipe that you would be willing to share? I just got asked to do a birthday cake for this Friday for a coworker. She loves chocolate and coffee. Thank you for your honest answers.AMY
I have put royal icing flowers on a buttercream frosted cake several times and my flowers softed about two days later. I mean they didn't melt and they held their shape but they crumbled easier. My purple flowers slightly colored my white buttercream but only underneath where they laid. Hope this helps.AMY
I'm running so late that I'm a day behind. Anyways, I hope everyone had a great Easter. God bless you all, today and always.AMY
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