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that probably didnt make sense... keep ganche on airtight container at room temp. keep ganach covered cake in fridge
dont store the ganache in the fridge --it will be rock hard and a pain to get back to a workable consistency. i always store my ganache (and fondant for that matter) in the fridge. it will also speed up the setting time for the ganache expedentially.
fondariffic is superior, but I use Satin Ice because it is much more cost-effective. it has a good flavor as well. the Satin Ice brown also tastes like a tootsie roll. I would need to buy a million of those little tubs at Michaels in order to every have enough.  You can buy directly from fondariffic, but can get it from other online stores carry it (e.g. GSA, etc ).
Make the setting gsnache using the 2:1 chocolate:cream ratio. Let it setup first in airtight container to a the consistency of peanut butter. I usually let sit overnight. It does setup firm at room temperature on the cake. I put in fridge after cake is iced to fully setup faster. It is great-the only way I do it! Adds stability to the cake as well. Good luck.
BRP box shop (online) because they have cute hot pink ones, and cupcake inserts that fit their boxes as well. Paper Mart (also online) also sells cake boxes - white as well as light pink. i buy my cake boards from global sugar art, or Michaels or Hobby Lobby if i'm in a pinch.
Oh yeah, i forgot. with the exception of the steak cake...they all took at least 8-10 hours to create. i just can't seem to get any faster.
this thread is awesome! I hate pricing my cakes, and wonder if I'm off base at times. Its good to see what others are doing... I'm in the chicagoland area, and I am a home baker. I just do it randomly on the side, as I have a day job I cover all my cakes in ganache instead of buttercream, and I use callebaut coveture chocoalte for the ganace, so my cost is a bit higher than the normal buttercream/fondant cakes....Paddle Tennis: $220 + $50 delivery fee50 servingscarved...
i place a whole oreo cookie in the middle of chocolate cupcakes. little bit of batter, then press the cookie on top, then top that with more batter. i use the cookies & cream recipe from CC for fillings for cakes and it is delish, and does not require refrigeration. you could use it as a frosting, but you would have to process the cookies pretty fine, otherwise it'll be chunky and wont frost easily (learned that the hard way). (2) 7 oz containers marshmallow fluff1 cup...
Yup, just spray it....or lightly brush water on it. it doesnt need to be soaked, just slightly damp.
i would. and i would also run a dowel thru his head thru the sheet he doesnt fall over. he'll be top heavy. good luck.
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