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I tried to use a straw the first time, but it was not large enough to hold the number of wires I had. But they are a great idea for a smaller amount. The plastic tube I used was actually the leg off of a separator plate set that I had used in my Wilton course 3 cake.
I have only used wire once and I used floral wire. I didn't wrap it, but I did use a piece of hollow plastic and inserted it in the cake and then inserted the wire into the plastic. That way it didn't come in contact with the cake at all. You could also use a straw.
I've got the Wilton Cookie Max and I LOVE it. I'm sure it was a cheaper model - I got it as a gift. It has 12 different designs - hearts, christmas trees, wreaths, daisy, cross, what I call a 3 leaf clover and several others. I use the recipe it gives in the box and they are just delicious. I always get requests for more when I make these!
I do not use a heat core for this pan either and have never had any trouble. I also bake it at 325. I don't have a cooling rack big enough for this sized cake, so I improvised. I went to Lowe's and bought some of the white metal shelving (that kind of looks like a cake rack) that is the exact width of this cake, and probably 4 feet long. I turn my cake directly out onto that and then hang it between 2 kitchen chairs. It lets the air circulate above and below, just...
I make the 12x18 pretty often, in fact I made one this morning. I've never used a heating core/flower nail in this pan and have never had it turn out anything but perfect. I just bake it at 325 for about 45-50 minutes. I do not use the strips around the side.
No, you don't have to turn it upside down. If you'll just put the wax paper on the cake, put something like a cookie sheet on top of that (I use a masonite board) and then something heavy on top of that (I use a bowl of fruit). Leave it for about 10 minutes. Take everything off the cake and your cake will be level to the top of your baking pan. You will only use this if your cake has a "hump" when you take it out of the oven, not if it is sunken in the middle. You...
If you have a Wilton yearbook, there is a page in there that gives you the temperature and amount of time that each size of cake pan should bake. I have also found that in addition to the toothpick test, my cakes pull away from the side of the pan a little bit when they are completely done.
I would not offer her back the money either. It is not your fault, no matter why, that she did not pick up the cake. You have already purchased ingredients for the cake, baked, decorated, etc.. You put your time and money into this for her. If she is a good person, she will not ask for her money back, but will apologize to you for not picking it up and tell you to keep the money for your time and effort.
I went to Lowe's and got a new pair of pruning shears to cut my wooden dowels. They are just a snap to cut. I can cut them much quicker than using a knife to cut the plastic ones.
If you are going to use fondant roses on BC, you should mix some Gum-Tex in with the fondant before molding them. If you put just straight fondant on the buttercream, sometimes the moisture from the BC will make the fondant things wilt. Adding the Gum-Tex will make them dry really hard and the moisture from the BC should not affect them.
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