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I'm making a 25th anniversary cake for a client and she wants a 12 inch square and an 8 inch square. I'm not sure how many people that would feed. I'm still not good about knowing that yet. Anybody know? 
Goreti thank you so much. that has helped me out.
So I'm making this cake for my best friends baby shower, but I have never carved a cake like this. Does anyone know of any videos that could help me out. I want her cake to be perfect. I've seen the tutorial on here that wasn't a video but I don't understand how to do it.All help is welcome. I need something before feb 25th.[/img]
im gonna be making a baby bump cake here soon and i have a few questions. whats a good size bowl to use for the belly and how long would i put it in the oven for? what works best for making the boobies? and would i be putting round cakes of a certain size under the belly to raise it up more or would i have to carve round cakes with the bowl shaped cake to make it more round like a belly? if anyone can help me out i would greatly appreciate it. this is my first baby bump...
Alright thank you TubbsCookies. I will have a picture of the wedding cake posted up tomorrow night. All comments are welcome.
i have green colors but i need to know how to get that Christmas green for a wedding cake I'm doing. the colors are Christmas green and red and silver. Does anyone know know how to get that perfect or almost perfect Christmas green color? Please i need the help cause I'm making the wedding cake now.
I understand how to put together a stacked tiered cake with the wooden dowel rods. what i don't understand is when I'm ready to put the second and third tiered on do I have a cake board underneath them or have nothing and just put the cake on top of it?
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