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We built on a certified kitchen a few years ago. It has worked out very good, I make it cleat to all clients that it is a cake studio, by appointment only. I don't list my address on any marketing materials--just business forms, invoices, etc. In 2 years I have only had one random person drop by, and he was some sort of salesman. It works very well for me, but I mainly do large events and weddings.HTH
I make sure keep mine wrapped until they are helps to keep them moist! Also, Cakerator...I LOVE your avatar...big orange cat in a Santa suit = awesomeness! My orange cat would say NO
I always have a tub of Satin Ice on hand to use for decorations, dots, stripes, etc. I was using it last night and found that it was drying out in like 4.2 seconds....but I really haven't had an issue with it otherwise. For covering my cakes I always use is marvelous! I highly recommend it.
I really like Americolor!!
I always bring enough extra samples for vendors. as debi is fond of saying, the vendors are the REAL advantage of the shows, the brides are just extra. I view giving the other vendors samples as a chance for a referrals, so I plan on that. Heck, at the beginning of the show, before they even open the doors, I go around and ask "Who needs a sugar rush to get started?"[/quote]True Story...I had one of Jill's samples and it was DELISH! (I think it was red velvet)...
I always use the mini's...I serve them w/o the liner with a frill pick. This is very cost & time effective for me, not to mention green. I just make a ton and usually don't have issues with people taking more than one...and if they do it's usually one of choc and vanilla- or whatever 2 flavors. I like the idea of the cupcake sampler, or another offer for the really interested brides. I try to offer something for the bride if she signs within 10 days of the show. HTH
Wonderful! My husband is addicted to that game...we both are sending you BIG KUDOS!!!
I opened my business with a close friend as my partner, we created the business and worked together for many years prior to being official. When we decided to open the shop she stayed at her full time job and I did the bakery full time. I became way more personally invested in the business (due to the fact I was doing it ALL the time) and soon weird feelings began to happen. I just went through the process of buying her out. The good thing is I think we are better...
Ya, I figured...what the heck, nothing like getting some serious feedback to make you better! It should be fun, but I am a little nervous
Just finished working on one of my cakes for's next weekend!! I can't wait until it's over, then I can collapse!
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