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Does these buttercream recipes crust over???? I notice it doesn't call for merinque
BickflorHow is your different??
when you say butter to mean "real" butter and not margarine? Right?
Can anyone help me out here????
Anyone??? I am getting ready to head to the grocery store.....
I was wondering when looking at the recipe for the 0 Trans Fat Crisco Buttercream recipe, it calls for butter... what kind of butter does everyone use? Real butter, non salt butter, margarine sticks????Thanks
I really haven't worked much with fondant other than the wilton class. I was curious how you all get such straight strips? What do you do to make your strips so even? I have a cake that a lady wants different colored strips of fondant around the cake. I want to make sure the strips are all perfectly even...Thanks~Heather
Great thanks....
I always bake my cakes a week before. Then wrap them in saran wrap and then foil and freeze until the night before I am reading to decorate.HTH~Heather
can use you hersery kisses for the base of royal icing roses? I love using them for buttercream roses but didn't know if I could for royal icing???Thanks,~Heather
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