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yes.. that helps... I didn't know you could freeze rice krispie treats!!
I have an order for 8 feet made from rice krispies and then covered with fondant. How far ahead do you all think I could make them? I also have a lot of cakes that weekend so I thought if I could make the feet ahead of time that would be one less thing to do that weekend???
WOW!! Interesting... You learn something new every day!!
I sure don't have the answer but surely someone else can help you!! Good luck....
I would probably not take the chance and throw it out?? I wouldn't know how to tell if it is good or not?? Just my thought???
Is there a way of making buttercream a gold color instead of yellow???
I accidentally add an extra 1/3 c of water to my box mix!! Can i do something to fix it or do I need to dump it out and start over??
So maybe if I scrap a little more around the sides and mix longer it will turn out better?? How do you know if you have scraped enough??
It filled up to the top of the paddle. I was afraid to let it mix more than a couple of minute. I did use hot water. I wonder though if it was to stiff? I noticed it was pretty stiff so I wonder if I added more hot water if it would have gotten creamer???
AHHHHH..... WHAT did I do wrong?? I did 4.5 cups of shortening and 4.5 pounds of ps and 13 T of water/flavorings. I ended up with VERY airy icing!!!!
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