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Ok... thanks!!! Holy Cow it's a lot of ingredients!!!!!
ALSO.... when I am putting the ingredients from my box mix on my label for my cakes do I have to put all the "stuff" that is in parenthesis too?? The ingredient list looks so long that I'm not going to get in all on a label???
I know you put the ingredients in order by quanity but when you are using a box mix do you just list the ingredient as they are listed on the box and then add the ingredients that you add to the mix???
I'm having my first meeting with my first bride. What are somethings I should have ready for the meeting and what are some questions that I should be prepared for?? What do you do at your first meeting? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks....
I charge $35.00 for my 12x18 cake. I know others charge more but for where I live it is about average. HTH...
What did I do wrong? I melted the mini marshmellows with a hand full of water. I added a little powdered sugar. Then when I poured the melted marshmellows into the bowl of powdered sugar it just seemed to fall apart and I couldn't get it to form into a ball????
Thanks!!!! Yeah... Kansas weather!!! Ugh...
I am making feet out of rice krispies and then covering them with fondant... I know I can make my rice krispies in advance but how far in advance can i cover them with fondant??? Also what is the best way to store them?? do you just seal them in a reclosable bag, refrigerate???Thanks!!!!~Heather
I can't find the MMF recipe??? Could someone give me the link or the recipe?? Thanks... I know I've seen it before???~Heather
I have also had problems of it getting VERY airy when it had set for a day or so.... Is there anything I can do to get it back to the nice smooth consistency I started with???
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