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indydebiThank you for the stick roses thread!!! I can't wait to try it!!!!!
Hummmm... Roses-on-a-stick??? Surely there are instructions somewhere here for these!!
No... I know when I start making roses I'm not getting paid enough... but i'm not sure how much extra to charge??The bad thing I am at the higher end of what others charge around here and still don't think I am charging enough!!
Do you charge extra if customers want buttercream roses on their cakes?? I haven't charged extra because if I put them on a cake it isn't usually too many. I have a wedding cake that they want quiet a few and wonder if I shouldn't charge extra because I will be spending a long time doing all these roses???
You have to register with the state and have a sales tax id number and charge sales tax. Kind of a pain but for no more cakes than I do in a few months it really isn't that bad and plus I don't have to worry about getting in trouble with the state.....~Heather
I called our Health Dept and they said it falls under the Dept. of Agriculture. She called them for me and they said as long as I wasn't selling anything that needed to be refrigerated and I put an ingredient label on it it was fine. where are you moving too????
This is my 3 year old son, Dalton, after his bath!!
I've always added powdered meringue to my buttercream recipe because my recipe called for it. After reading different posts on here I noticed there are some people that don't add powdered meringue. So I thought I would try it without and didn't notice a difference??? So what does the powdered meringue do to your buttercream? Am I going to regret sometime not using it???Thanks.....~Heather
Thank you!!! I appreciate you help!!!!
Yeah... They are going cross eyed trying not to skip a line or retype the same line twice!!!
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