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I know I have seen this on here before but I have looked and looked and gave up. What is the rule of thumb when helping a bride figure how many servings of cake she will need? I know I saw that you figure the number of servings based on a percentage of the invites that they sent out or something along those lines.Thank you for your help.
What am I doing wrong? I've made this recipe twice and have had trouble both times. I have waited for about 1/2 hour and still couldn't use a paper towel to smooth my cake? It isn't crusting really at all???
Can you use candy flavoring in buttercream or do you only use extracts? I am make a chocolate cake and they want mint flavor icing. I have Wiltons candy flavorings and didn't know if I could use that or only extracts? TIA~Heather
How many servings would the classic wonder mold pan serve? And also how many does the mini wonder mold pan serve?
I have a lady that wants whipped icing instead of b/c. I've never worked with whipped icing. I thought I could ice the cake with whipped and decorate with b/c but I wasn't sure how they tasted together?? Would it taste terrible if you had b/c and whipped icing together??Thanks!!!
I also have a lady that wants whipped icing. I've never messed with it. I am also curious how you decorate with whipped icing.
How many cups of icing would you think it would take to make 80 roses?? I'm not sure and I want to make sure I have enough so they all look the same.....
what size of foam board would you need for 12"x18" cake?? I didn't know if the 1/4 would be sturdy enough or if they 1/2 would be over kill.....Thanks....
I was also wondering if you could use this system with tiered cakes - pillared.....
yeah!! That I really should do plus I'll get more practice making them that way!!
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