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How do you get the color fuschia (sp?)? Is there a gel that you can buy or what colors do you mix to get that color???Thank you!!!!
HUM....I do freeze and refrigerate. I usually freeze and then let defrost over night and then after I stack I put them in the refrigerator. If you have a lot of cake, which I had 8, how do you store them before you tort them? Or are you able to bake all in one day? I work outside the house so I work on cakes in the evenings.
I stack them one night and then ice them the next...
I use buttercream icing...
What am I doing wrong???? After I set up my wedding cakes the last 2 have started forming "air pockets". Luckily enough I was there to stick a toothpick in them and the air pockets went away but later comes back!!!! What can I do to prevent this from happening again!!!!?????Please help!! If I can't figure this out I don't know if I want to do too many more wedding cake because I'm scared that once I leave the icing is going to fall off from these air pockets
I wonder what I am doing wrong because I have to wait almost an hour before I can use my viva paper towel on it.... I wish I could get it to work for me because I love the taste.
Using 1 cup of the cheap stuff works with the Crisco? How many cups of Crisco do you use? I might have to look into this...!!!
I also love Aldi's shortening but when I went there last week they have changed their shortening to Trans Fat Free!!!!
I have the same problem with her recipe. I love the taste but it doesn't crust very well.... I figured I must be doing something wrong???
How early is too early to set up a wedding cake before the wedding. The wedding is at 1:00pm. What is the earliest you would set up?thank you!!!
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