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You can paint this with buttercream. Look in the first Hello Cupcake! book - pages 39-41.
I think most important thing is the background. Taking photos with your kitchen in the background or the cake sitting on the washing machine makes a very unattractive photo! You can create an inexpensive backdrop by taking two pieces of foam board, cover in white material and tape together to create a hinged backdrop you can adjust around the cake. You can use different colors of material draped over the backdrop to create different effects and match the color of the...
I have a Makins too and only use it for fondant and GP.
Anyone in Vancouver area who would be interested in making a Pocoyo cake? Pls PM me. Thanks!
I think you are talking about Diane Gruneberg's GP - her product is called Platinum Paste. Rolls out super thin.
Some of the GF cake mixes are quite good. Betty Crocker makes an excellent chocolate GF cake mix and I just purchased the yellow mix to try out. Other good ones are Kinnikinnick and Namaste.
I have to disagree with the other responses stating that she probably means BC filling for at least a small amount of BC. I would definitely ask her about this. I happen to like plain cake without filling. Many people do not like icing (although for a wedding that probably would not mean everyone in attendance). We have also seen the cakes that are stacked without any icing on the outside as well. So I would ask her specifically what she wants and make her cake the way...
I bake the hat portion in a glass mixing bowl - if Pyrex just remember not to set on a cold kitchen counter (like granite) when taking it out of the oven. Otherwise that shape is perfect.
KodiSnip - nice piping work on the cake and love the two red flowers...
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