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thank you so much for the info! def gonna check em out!!
OOh ok thanks. Guess something I need to learn how to do before next week!! lol
Customer sent this cake, I'm not sure where she got the pic. But I have no idea what the wings are made out of?? Any suggestions?Thanks for any help!
thanks for replies!! went to storage n started digging for the old biz cards!!
thanks for the reply! there were no issues when i shut down before. and the only reason i had to close was because my ex got the house....and since that is where i had my biz/license had to close. didn't have the resources to open a different facility at the time. I had less than 2 months to close down and get out...!but the business itself was just in my name, but unfortunately he got the house. So thankfully he has no claim to any future business ...already verified...
Wow! been awhile since I've been on here! loving all the changes!!But my question is.....Before the new Cottage Law in Florida I went through the process of getting my license to bake at home. Was open for a lil over 2 years, but because of a divorce I had to close the business & haven't actually baked or anything since then...been about 2 years as well. I am now in a position where I can start baking & doing cakes again (very excited & very very nervous)......wondering...
oh ok...sorry. i didn't know if i was clear before. lol thanks for responding
I understand that. But they still had a cake to serve to guests b/c the cake itself was fine..the fondant was just damaged and couldn't be repaired. And they still had a cake for display and pictures. Since the ONLY thing that they didn't get that they had wanted was the same shape (they wanted square...i only had 2 hex and 1 round to use)...They still had the same flowers and deisgn on the dummy cake they would have had on the square cake.
thanks...i thought 50% was reasonable as well...but since I've never had this happen before and she asked for a full refund...I wasn't sure if I was being unreasonable or she was.
Hello everyone, I had a huge diaster this weekend w/a wedding cake. On way to deliver cake had someone pull out in front of me and ended up having to slam on brakes hard or hit the guy. I was only 5mins from the reception!!!! Well needless to say, the cake fell over. Was a 3-tier square cake covered in fondant. Fresh flowers were going to be placed on cake at the reception site. Well the cake itself was fine but the fondant and border was damaged beyond repair. ...
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