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The same thing happens to me. Here is what I have been doing. Place a peice white computer paper over the cupcakes ( usually 1 dozen fill the paper) press down lightly, then lift up the paper. It peels off the sticky wet stuff and leaves the fluffly cupcake. I do agree that it doesn't hurt them to leave it, I just don't like it. I read this on CC a few years ago from a thread. Works like a charm!
Peanut butter is popular with chocolate or cinnamon buttercream. Just add some cinnamon to regular buttercream. It is delicious. Or, caramel . Yum!
I prefer Duncan Hines cake mixes. I love the WASC recipe. =
I am interested in the how the cakes that are torted, filled and crumb coated are wrapped before they are frozen. I have frozen cakes that are unfilled. Thank you in advance.
I would use the raspberry mousse 2 filling recipe from CC and substitute blackberry all fruit for the raspberry and do everything else the same. People love this mousse recipe, and I am sure that it would be great with the lemon cake. In fact it is on my next to try list. Good luck. I would also go with either the lemon version of WASC or the e-cake recipe . Unless there is a scratch recipe that someone swears by.
It also looks like it could be a ruffle done with the 104 tip, but a little bigger.
Someone wants me to do a cradel cake for them and I am not sure how to do the top curved part of the cradel. I wouldd appreciate and help or suggestions. It needs to be covered in basketweave, but doesn't necessarily have to be edilbe. Thank you.
I haven't tried the plastic dowel rods yet. Where do you get them? I have heard a lot of good things about them too. I hate cutting the wooden dowels.It takes me a while, and then I have to file them to not have splinters.
I use a Wilton wooden dowel. I still put in a center rod, even though it is stacked on site. I sharpen it with a pencil sharpener and it easitly pokes through all of the cakes.
The strawberry cream filling on this website is deliciou! I have made it a few times and it has been a big hit.
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