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Disco ball motor! Amazon
Thanks a billion for all of your quick responses. I will revise the contract, have both of us sign it and issue a partial refund. It really is the right thing to do. I guess I knew that all along, but needed to "hear" it.
Yes, today is the cut off date for any changes. The contract states that if the customer requests that changes made after today, they may or may not be accommodated. If we do make changes after today it may result in an additional charge if more labor or materials are needed. She requested by e-mail that changes be made several weeks ago, but I never revised the contract (quite frankly because she didn't specifically ask me to). In the end, what I really want to do is make...
I should mention that I'm also afraid of going against contract. What happens if I provide a 3 tiered cake, give partial refund and then she said that I'm in breach of contract!?!Should I write up a new/revised contract at this point?
I need some advice. I've only been in business for a year and 1/2 and have only done a handful of wedding cakes. I have a bride who has had her order on the books for over a year. She paid in full months ago (her choice). Her wedding is two weeks from today. A few weeks back she e-mailed me to say that they cut their guest list down dramatically. They still want the same amount of cupcakes and cookies but she said they do not need the cake to be as big as orginally...
I charge $9 for a candy box of 8 (I place each in a foil cup)
I read a lot of the thread entitled "How about a serious thread about cake balls"Wow! this is a great thread. I read the first 23 pages (not the the full 50) and I haven't found to a question that's on my mind. I realize this thread is 2 years old, so I thought I'd try to post a new topic. My Cake Bites are made with BC and dipped in Hershey's Special Dark chocolate. I sell them for $9 for 6 and $18 for dz (in a nice box). I have frozen them fully decorated successfully,...
Actually I'm completely self taught and I've only been sculpting and even working with fondant for just over 1 year. My business is only 5 months old. It's so much fun for me. I love it! Thanks for your compliments. It's really encouraging.
Thanks everyone!Here's the helicopter cake.I appreciate all your help. I kept the foil propeller and added gumpaste accents. I'm really proud of this one.
Successful delivery for both cakes! The carpet tape worked great. Thanks everyone!
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