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This is probablly obvious to those with even a rudimentary grasp of cake decorating, but....when I pipe large or small dots, I almost always have a little spike or tail coming off the top of the dot where the buttercream leaves the tip...they often look like a little hershey kiss. sometimes I go back and pat them down but that gets time consuming and I suspect that I am doing something wrong to get them inthe first place. How do I get rid of the little tail? Is it...
So I stopped by my handy dandy hardware store last night and picked up three different diameters...cut them in half because my pieces were 48 inches in length. WORKED LIKE A CHARM!!!! Thank you so much..I've struggled with this issue for so long and so appreciate the advice and simple solution!!
by the way ylescu, your work is gorgeous!
I agree with rose n crantz, there is a distinct possibility that there is no other baker. Sort of off topic, but in my line of work, I very often get complaints that are almost always backed up with a convenient or "fantom" story because people think this will bolster or lend credability to an otherwise irrational demand. She figures she can claim that "another un-named baker" will do these for half of what you charge and how would you "know" she's just fibbing to try to...
Oh thank you so much! That's a really good idea about the dowel rods...I'm going to stop at the hardware store on the way home tonight. Thanks again!
I hve always had a hard time rolling out the sugar cookie dough to an even thickness. Do people use guides? if so, where can I get them? I have seen very thin guides for fondant but I need something thicker. Does anyone have any tricks they would share abut getting an even roll out?
Hi everyone,I have always used pure almond extract but have owndered if I used the imitation, would I tell a difference? Anyone with a comparison story? I seem to be going through those little McCormick bottles quickly and it adds up, so I'd like to buy a large quantity online and figured I would be buying pure extract...then I got to thinking.....Thanks in advance.
Joyride's comment: For The Win!!
Gotcha...I agree that our time is precious and we never get paid accordingly. Thanks for the clarification about the height...that makes a huge difference for me.
Thank you for the advice...and so quickly too! ( I noticed that I mis-spelled the word "price" in my title..awesome.) Anyway, yes, I need to calculate my ingredients and time..not sure what you charge for time though...minimum wage? Anyway, I will do some calculating and try to figure something out that is reasonable for the gal. Here's another question: 9x13 by 2" tall or 4"tall? Just wondering.Thanks again!
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