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*guffaw* Awesome typo for the win!
Thank you everyone! I began to suspect that I needed to use something else when it came to flowers and you all have confirmed that for me! I will figure out the gumpaste situation and get going with that. I wondered how people made these delicate flowers without half the petals cracking apart before they even get to applying them to a cake.  
Thank you! My little girl is turning 5 and this is a good excuse to make some flowers to put on the cake. I may try doing one with gumpaste just to see the difference. Is gumpaste a little more sturdy or flexible? I wish I knew what I was doing.
I am making fondant peony flowers for my little girl's birthday cake. I am using straight fondant, MFF recipe, and it's working well except that as the petals are drying, they are becoming incredibly fragile, brittle and little pieces are breaking off. I'm being extrememly careful with them but never the less, the thinnest portions of the petals crumble at the slightest resistance. Am I using the wrong medium? Should I be using gumpaste instead?   I will attempt to...
Very impressive indeed!!!
Oh geez, I'm sorry about the typo in my post title..that's embarrassing. No, not under or overbaked..very stange indeed. The batter is very runny, maybe a bit of extra flour would help. Thank you!
I just made the red MMF recipe and it's FANTASTIC! I'm a hobby baker and have avoided making red anything because of all the issues people suffer. This red MMF could not have been any more simple to put together and I was almost giddy when I realized that I had conquered my fear of disasterous fondant coloring. Thank you for sharing the recipe. I pinned it to my pinterest board also. Thank you again!
I love the Black Magic recipe and it's usually a no-fail for me..but I have recently tried baking it in a 9"x13" pan and it keeps sinking in the middle. I have used icing to build it up so it's nice a level when frosted but that is too much frosting to cake. I live in Missouri, my powder and soda are both new and I have not tried a nail yet because I have never needed one in such a small pan, but I will try that tonight. Has anyone had similar issues with this cake? I...
Ellavanilla! What a fantastic save!!!  I'm not trying to hijack the thread but.... that's an amazing patch job!! Kudos!!
What a cute cake! I'm sorry this happened to all of your hard work! I don;t think it's your fault that someone picked up the cake, drove 100 miles and by the time they arrived at their destination, the cake was messed up. You have know way of knowing how they drove, if they had to slam on the brakes, heck, even a steady and controlled brake can result in massive forces that are otherwise un-noticeable without a pretty cake in the car with least it's that way for...
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