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is the picture of cake taken once set up at the resturant? if so, it looks fine.i know we are our worst critics. good luck! we've all been there.i wouldnt mention the cake being repaired to her, but you could contact her and ask her if she enjoyed the cake etc. or just leave it alone. its a tough call.
thanks for the tips!im not sure what the solution is but i guess ill keep trying different things.chinadoll: i use cream of tartar just a pinch and its ok, i also add a little bit of pipping gel too to make my RI flow better and it doesnt harden in the bag.indydebi: im using your receipe for your icing - wedding crisco buttercream- i love it! thanks for posting. im making my mothers anniversary cake tonight- i know she will enjoy it too.i WAS going to add some purple roses...
oops i forgot to add,the other colors on 'barney' stayed the same, the green, white, black and yellow. just the violet turned blue.thanks..........again!
this has never happened to me before not sure why it happened.i was decorating cookies- with violet RI.when i woke up in the morning, the RI had turned BLUE!!!try to pass of a blue, barney the dinosaur!!!! LOL.has this ever happend to anyone? or do you know why this would have happened.they tasted fine, just the color had changed.i make my RI with; powder sugar, water, cream of tartar, vanilla and wilton coloring. its the same way i always make it.thanks!
you dont need to prep the molds when using fondant?i may try that this week-end.thanks!
love those crazy muppets.i thought your heading was funny too:'cake decorating made simple' what an oxymoron ?spelling.LOL LOL
i applaud you! and you have made a tough decision. but one that will reward you many times more than owning a business right now.the time will come when you can fulfill your dreams. much sooner than later.its a tough - we all know that when we decide to become parents we will give up some things. but thats the decisions we can definately keep practing your skills and learn from your experiences.when the time is right you'll know it.failure??? never, you are a...
i agree with having them decorate something. it would be just like taking a typing test. but definately dont be around that person when he/she is taking the test.also, you can check into your local high school. there may be kids there who are taking a baking course and could use it as volunteer work or internship that may help them with their class and extra credit.maybe work with the school so its an ongoing project or somehow impliment into their program.also girl...
i know this has nothing to do with your question,but i love both miny and yellowbutterfly's signature.just had to comment.good luck with the receipe hunt,and thanks for clearing up for me what SMBC. i see it written so much but never knew what it was.happy baking!
your cakes and display are awesome! congrats to you.your hard work certainly shows. i hope you got LOTS of orders!!!WTG!
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