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good evening! leah_s hopefully your back up and running just working on a fun cake tonight. got some new cake toys and im trying them out.its been raining here all day- so it figures the one day i have to myself to play around, things are sticking and no coperating too well.but im considering tonight a learning night-and the weather is definately part of it.
your welcome!!i used an angle (offset) spatula. i kinda put alot on at first because i knew i would be scraping alot off.i orginally was going to do fondant but i have such a hard time doing fondant on the round balls.i didnt care about cleaning up the bottom of the ball because it wouldnt show. and thats where my left hand was holding the ball (im right handed)i didnt use the viva paper towel method because i would mess up the buttercream.i used a hot knife to smooth the...
ive made the sport ball using buttercreme and its fine. i actually think its easier to use buttercreme than fondant on the round balls.i held the ball in one hand and use the other to cover it. it was very easy.for some reason i cant post the pic here, but go into my pics and look at the photo that has 4 cakes together.first pic on second line, its hard to see the baseball until you click on the photo- you will see the baseball/baseball bat.the 'B' on top was done in...
is it a box mix or from scratch?from scratch does resemble more of a brown-ish red. a box mix is more brick also depends on how much cocoa and red food coloring you put in
well, first hopefully you are invited to the party and this is your gift.i too do cakes for free for family/friends, as their gift. i dont make cakes for parties im not invited to or for people i dont are very generous to make this cake for her for free.i would simply tell her that your time and budget allows you to make what you originally agreed upon.she is not a paying customer, you are not loosing money or referrals, if she declinces your original offer-thats...
for the price with the 50% off coupon it sounds like a good deal. i just read the reviews and it sounds like for hobby bakers it will work if micheals would just sell an edible printer where you can use your 50% off coupon i would be really happy!
very cool!
for me, whenever i double a buttercream receipe the 'science' of doubling doesnt measure up properly.i usually make one batch at a time. then i can mix them together in a large bowl to have the quanity i need. does that make sense?anyways since you are passed that stage, can you add more powder sugar to stiffen up the buttercream?
ive always used 2 parts chocolate to one part cream. sometimes it may need to be altered depending on the weather. but just slightly.HTH
yes i love it! i am a fan of vegan baked goods. so when i make her some goodies i have no problem eating what she eats
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