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im baking right now for my grandaughters birthday cake on saturday. i too follow the 3 day rule. when i first started caking i tried to do it on 1 or 2 days. holy moly no way!! i always had blow outs and my fondant decorations never were dry.i actually some of the fondant decorations last night. finished what i could this morning. im baking now-once cooled i will torte, fill and crumb croat. tomorrow i will finsih the cake with final coat of buttercream, add deocrations...
yes i agree the hand pump kills your hand after awhile and mine broke within 4 months of purchasing it.i use the screw type and its much better.i dont know the name of the brand, but i purchased it from globalsugarartHTH
when i bought my molds and isomalt they were also selling a silcone 'boat' thing that is used to pour the isomalt.i havent had time yet to try my isomalt/molds. so i cant give anymore info on how they work.but maybe you can look online for the silicone boat. whats nice about it - it has a spout and looks easy to handle melted sugar.HTH
has anyone ever made red velvet cookies? where did you get the receipe from? or can you share what you have used. thanks!
good evening,i usually use antonia74 royal icing, which i LOVE.but im making pumpking spice sugar cookies and want to use a eggnog question is: what makes the icing harden- cream of tarter or merigne powder?i want my icing to be firm but not stiff so i can stack going to a cookie swap tomorrow and each dozen needs to be indiv wrapped.or......can i make antonia74 icing and just add egg nog to it? prob not.any help will be greatly appreciated.thanks!
ohhhh! ok i will-i was so excited when i saw it at the store- i got it at bed bath and beyond and used my coupon for it. so i only paid 14.99. the tv commerical makes it look so easy that i already know its gonna be a challenge (for me!)ill let you know how i do.
i just bought the cake pop pan. the one thats been advertise on tv and now avail stores. i am going to try it this weekend. although it looks so easy on tv im sure there will be some kinks to work out.i dont know if this is the same type of pan that you are referring to.wish me luck!
im just a hobby baker. so i get this:grandaughters freinds mother: "i was gonna have you make my daughters cake, but the place we are having her party provides the cake".'you were gonna HAVE ME MAKE THE CAKE?' hello you werent asking me or even inviting my grandaughter to the party. WTF!!or this:family member: "im going to a party tonight - can you make me a 'such-n-such' cake to feed x-number of people"this phone call comes in at 2:00 in the afternoon.'sure!!! im doing...
thanks! thats what i use now, a scratch red velvet cake. i dont have a problem getting the cake to be a deep red color i just hate using so much red food coloring.what is vanilla paste? never heard of it available online?
this sounds amazing. i mostly make red velvet cakes and would love a step saver.what type of batter did you use? the basic red velvet receipe and just omitted the red food coloring?
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