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thank you blakescakes. ive only applied EI to BC never fondant. never thought about trying to wait until the last possible moment to apply the EI. and of course its raining here and has been very humid so my fondant is not too happy.
wow! thanks - never knew the difference.
whats the difference if any between the two?TIA
i have enough pipping gel. thankfully.what type of image did you use colababy? was it EI on fondant?
it will be on display thurs-friday and maybe saturday?but its being picked up tomorrow. so im looking at 4 days possibly.and the image is horrible. because the logo is so small i could only enlarge it to approx 4x6" ive cut the cake size in half. which again doesnt matter since its not being made to serve.i went to 5 different stores today that makes EI and each of them had a hard time to make it look presentable any larger than this size.the EI was suppose to be...
my first idea was to cut the image out of fondant and have my daughter paint it for me. she helps me with cakes from time to time she just did the strawberry shortcake girl in my photos.maybe i could use that as a back up?
so you suggest not using RI or BC? that would be great! the cake is being picked up tomorrow. im just worried the image isnt going to last,ive only used edible images on BC and the cake was eaten (not sure that is a word) within a tempted to make the logo out of have for backup?
im literally sitting here next to my kitchen aid waiting to find out if im making RI or BC? what a pathetic sight i am!also i am a hobbyist and take every cake seriously. i just thought the pressure was off of me to bake and only to decorate. which it is.but anyone in the business would love what was just handed to me. since i cant legally do cakes i will not profit the way a business would.i am definately better at baking than decorating.the only reason im using cake...
ill be pulling an allnighter-so anyone whos up and caking let me know!!i am not too familiar with cake dummies.i need to cover in fondant. what should i use to attatch the fondant with to the dummy.royal icing, buttercream or piping gel. i usually use white chocolate gnache but thought it would be too heavy on the dummy.also-how best to attatch an edible image onto fondant?and finally (for now) how long does an edible image last?just finding out NOW there is alot more...
i dont know where your are located. but most grocery stores in my area (CT) will make an edible image. the price ranges from $6.00 - $8.00 a sheet.however they will not make any copyright images.HTH
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