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Thank you
 excatly what i was thinking. i dont understand why bakers spend so much time on designing cake - emailing etc without a down payment.honestly i wouldnt have lied to this PITA customer. i would have told her the truth. that you have asked for 5 cakes and never actually placed an order. i run a business and i cannot spend this amount of my time and energy on someone who doesnt place an order with me.END...shes gone!!sorry this happened to you.
i just started working with swiss buttercreme. i love the taste and texture. never thought i would. i am used to using a crusting buttercreme (indydebi receipe_which is family favorite!) and i can get it pretty smooth using the viva towel method and/or rolling pin. but for the life of me i cannot smooth the swiss buttercreme. i did put in the fridge to try to firm it up but still cant get it smooth. any suggestions?
ive seen his cake line at price chopper selling for $25.00 and big cut out of buddy next to the display. ive been hesitant to purchase the cake.  im not much for any store bought cakes. and now...after reading the reviews im glad i didnt.
the receipe actually says (if i remember correctly) you can just "dump the powder sugar in at once" but usually i like you add alittle of the sugar with the dream whip to kinda get it incorportated into the crisco. then add the remaining sugar and milk because if i dont i think my KA will explode. and like i said it usually turns out ok but darn it lately............all i get is paste!! i have so many cakes etc to do this holiday season i need to get this figured...
i tried heavy whipping cream before it was a disaster. i do no know if its too much or too little milk. ive never tried putting the dream whip in with the crisco. im getting so frustrated. thanks for your reply
hi and thanks for replying everyone. indydebi i used crisco only. never use off brands.  domino's 10x poweredsugar. dream whip and good vanilla. i also use milk. and honestly most times my buttercreme comes out amazing...thanks to your receipe!!! but lately i dont know what happens.but im too the point of throwing in the towel!!! i just cant keep wasting time+money on paste! this is how i do my buttercreme...maybe you or anyone can tell me what i doing...
i dont know what has been happening to my buttercreme lately. i use indydebi (sorry sp) receipe. or wilton if i need to make vegan. sometimes it comes out great and others it looks like paste. i have to throw it away. ive attached a pic of the paste i made this weekend. three batches i had to throw out!! now with the holidays coming up i need to get this under control. im wasting too much time and money for the disasterous buttercreme. could over mixing when i...
just wanted to thank you blakescakes colababy normita again for all your help the other only regret is i didnt put the redstripes on the sides. the humidity was horrible yesterday. actually the weather man said the humidity was like being in cuba or miami.and since the cake needed to be on display til saturday i didnt need them to look like candy canes!
chellescakes thanks for the receipe and the tips.i am covering a cake dummy tonight and wanted to piping gel.i am not aware of what pettinice is.will this an issued when covering the dummy? i am ready to cover shortly.
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