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with every wedding cake, i give the couple a free 4" replica for their first anniversary (so they don't have to eat year-old frozen cake) and for every baby shower cake, i give the baby a free 4" smash cake on his/her first birthday. i also do an open house and cake tasting every year with a raffle to win coupons for free products or discounts. and i do trivia on facebook, where the winner gets a free product. this way, not only will i get the loyal customers to come back...
thanks! here's a picture of my pen!
thanks! yes, i had leftovers! ha ha. i brought some to my moms of multiples meeting the next day and my husband brought some to work. i have a photo of my pen too, but it's stuck in my camera (the battery died). as soon as i can, i'll post that too. thanks for looking!
hey everyone! so i had my open house this past sunday. i would say it was a success! i made about 360 mini cupcakes in 5 flavors, 4 filling flavors and 4 frosting flavors. below is my menu. i had about 30 people come and got 8 definite orders and a few 'i'll call yous' (which i'll take!), so it looks like i'll be a busy bee for the next few months! i had a raffle for coupons for percentages off orders or free products. people really seemed to like that. i gave away pens...
this one is my favorite!
i only invited people i know and some guests are bringing guests. i would never open my house to strangers. i'm so excited! my open house is sunday!!time to bake!
i'm beginning to wonder if people even know that sheet cakes aren't the only option. love your avatar, btw, jamie!!!
how come i keep getting orders for sheet cakes, cupcakes and other cakes that don't challenge me?!?! i want so badly to make a beautiful, tiered cake with gorgeous flower work or fondat figures or something! i want to challenge myself and see what i can do. i can't afford to make a practice cake that involved. i just don't feel like my skills are being put to good use with swirl after swirl and fbct after fbct. i mean, yes, that's a good use of my skill, but it's just not...
'it's better to be over the hill than buried under it''forty's not old.... if you're a tree'
i don't think i would even accept a post-dated check.
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