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Can Hi-ratio shortening be used for baking? I have a pound cake recipe that calls for 1 cup butter and 1/2 cup shortening. Do I need to use Crisco instead?Thanks in advance!Diane
My DH goes with me to deliver EVERY wedding cake and groom's cake. He gets the Yukon ready to go by removing seats and laying a cover to put the cakes on. He is so careful with them. He stresses about them more than I do (and I stress). He always worries that they are going to fall or lean or someone will knock them over after we leave. He doesn't like it when I just use dowels for stacked cakes. Even though I don't put them together until I get to the venue. He is...
Thanks Jennifer!Diane
diamondjacks: yes I meant that I just stirred it by hand. Sorry for the confusion.jescapades and pjcakes: thanks so much for the helpful information.Diane
pjcakes:I was wondering if you use the wedding flavoring or the creme bouquet?I posted this but didn't get a response from anyone.Do you know if the creme bouquet is stronger than the wedding flav?Sorry to keep asking so many questions. I have just gotten the creme bouquet and I'm not quite sure how much to use. Seems pretty strong to me.Thanks,Diane
Thanks Patty! I am gonna give it a try tonight.I really liked the way it smoothes and my cake didn't crack when I moved it. Yeah!!!!!!I appreaciate the help.Diane
I thought they were probably about the same. I used the same amount as Sugar Shack uses in her video on YouTube (I think it was 4Tbsp) making her buttercream. It seemed pretty strong. I am going to try it again today and cut it back to 2 Tbsp.Any suggestions?Thanks,Diane
Has anyone tried Sugar Shacks Icing recipe in a 4.5 or 6 KA?I actually tried it in my 6 last night and the results weren't very good. There was a lot of air incorporated into it. I put it in bowls in small batches and worked by hand with a spatula and it smoothed up pretty well. But I don't really want to do this every time. I thought it might do better in the 4.5.Any suggestions?Thanks,Diane
I have been searching all morning for directions to Duff roses and haven't been able to find anything. I do have a link but it won't pull up. I'm trying to make these right now and so I have kind of just winging it.Thanks,Diane
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