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I've made the chocolate chip cookie cakes several times. When you put the dough on the pizza pan leave a hole in the middle (the dough is in the shape of a ring) so that when it spreads you won't have a big hump in the center.If you need a recipe PM me.Diane
I'm not familiar with how either one of these systems work. Would someone mind sharing some of the details? TIADiane
I just had my first request for a birthday cake that was a cream cheese pound cake with cream cheese icing. I have always used DH Butter Recipe and DH Devils Food. Anyway I used a cream cheese pound cake recipe from CC and 1 batch made 2 - 8" rounds with about another half of an 8" round left. I set my oven on the temp the recipe said and just kept checking it till it was done. I make a lot of pound cakes for family but I personally don't like an iced pound cake and I...
Go to "Galleries" and scroll down to "Sketches, Patterns and Templates". Just look through there I think I found them on the 6th page.Good Luck.Diane
Or do I have to use a tube pan? I make pound cakes all the time but I have always used my tube pan. Now I have a customer that wants Cream Cheese Pound Cake with Cream Cheese Icing for a birthday cake. So I am wondering if I can bake in something like my 8" or 10" rounds? Help!Diane
What about using the plastic seperator plates with the little "feet" that fit into the plastic hidden pillars from Wilton? I've never had a problem with them. I did have a problem with wooden dowels and almost lost a cake to sliding.Diane
I haven't. I'm pretty much chicken when it comes to moving a stacked cake. I have traveled with the two bottom tiers of wedding cakes stacked but I think I would worry since the ganache is kinda slick. I guess you could dowel through the middle and it would probably hold. If I didn't have far to go. I live about 15 to 20 miles from Mobile which is where most of my cakes go if they aren't at my own church about a mile away. Not the last one I did like this but the...
I have done about 3 or 4 of these cakes as Grooms Cakes (I don't have pics on here because my computer is a dinosaur. Hopefully within the next week or so we will be gettin a new one.) I go ahead and ice the cakes then put a thin layer of ganache (just enough to cover the icing) on the top of the tier. Then I put some of the ganache in a pastry bag with a tip #12 and go around the edges of the cake and let it "drizzle" down the sides in different lengths. I use wooden...
Thanks RuralNV I will look into that. I had two pound cakes to make for a fundraiser today so I went ahead with the Crisco.bakeyclacker: Crisco is shortening but hi-ratio shortening (I use for buttercream) is different. Creamier and lighter than Crisco.Diane
For Saturday weddings I wait as late Friday night as I can (usually the last thing I do before I go to bed, if I get to) I wash the strawberries and gently dry with a paper towel then I lay them out on the counter on paper towels for the rest of the night. First thing I do on Sat morn is dip strawberries. Like wendyintx said they don't take that long to dry.Good luck.
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