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People think my box cakes are from scratch. I only use Duncan Hines and I freeze. Some bakers don't believe in either one of these methods. But my cakes are always moist and fresh tasting. I get the most compliments about how good they taste. No one has ever asked me if I bake from scratch. I have had a couple of people ask me for my recipe and I just avoided the question. I guess it is just a personal preference. All the other baking I do is from scratch.Diane
There is a lady that lives in my town, our kids went to school and played sports together, went to church. Anyway I haven't seen her in a while until recently. She was at a wedding a couple of weeks ago that I did both of the cakes for and I did the cake for her future DIL's shower (I was asked by her daughter who still comes to our church) this past Sunday. She called me Mon night just to tell me how pretty the cake was and how moist it was and everyone was commenting...
Thanks karateka.I think i will go with the chocopanHave a good day,Diane
I am about to order one of these in the Chocolate flavor.Do ya'll have a preference. Does one taste better, easier to work with or you just like better?????Any ideas are greatly appreciated.TIA,Diane
Thank ya'll all so much. I will leave it up to the bride.Diane
I will be putting the three initials on a wedding cake...brides first initial, grooms first initial and grooms last initial. I know the last initial goes in the middle but does it matter whose initial is first? I'm kinda thinking the groom is but not sure. Thanks,Diane
I don't do anything to my ribbon and I have done several of these. I just make sure to use double sided satin ribbon. I have never had any problems with the grease soaking into the ribbon.Diane
Welll it seems to have worked. I used it to attach the heel, bow, and the top part to the sole. Anywhere it needed to be put together I used it. So far so good. I am also going to make some sort of decorative plaque to place the shoe on on top of the cake. I'm just being very careful with it.Thanks for all the help and suggestions.Diane
Thank ya'll for the help. So do you think I'll be OK usng the piping gel?
I just made the shoe following booneati's instructions. To stick it all together she says to use "gumpaste glue".Can someone please tell me what this is? I didn't know so I mixed some piping gel with a little water and painted it on with a brush. I'm not sure it is going to hold it together. I guess I'll find out in the morning.Thanks,Diane
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