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I use Ghirardeli semi-sweet. It's really good.
Didn't realize they weren't blocked. They are now.
I have also seen them in the regular cakes. I did a search last night for "dance" and was very surprised at one cake that was there. Don't get me wrong it was a very well done cake. Very neat and VERY real looking. I was just caught off guard.
PS3884Thank you so much. That is exactly what I was looking for.Thanks again,Diane
I have searched for the ballet slipper template but I haven't been able to find it. Some one said they got it from CakeBaker but she doesn't have pictures downloaded anymore. Can someone please help me?Thanks,Diane
I had a wedding cake that I thought was for Sat but turned out it was for Fri. I was talking to the bride on Fri morning to be sure I had directions to the location and that someone would be there (it was at a beach house) when I delivered it (in my mind I'm thinking Sat morn). She starts talking about being nervous and says, "Oh yes, I'll be there I'm getting ready to leave right now to go down there." Hmmm. It finally clicked. I cover the phone and mouth to my...
OOPS. My picture came out sideways. It wasn't that way in my file. Is it because of the size? What is the best size? Do you use the same size everytime?Diane
Thank you calicakequeen for asking this question. I have been on CC for a while and have never been able to download my pics. First because my computer was a dinosaur, but we have had a new one for a few months and I have tried a couple of times and my pics were too big. But after reading this I HAVE JUST UPLOADED MY FIRST PICTURE!!!!!!!! Yeah!!!!!. I can't wait to post more. I just went to (thank you Cake_Princess). It took me a few minutes to...
Happening to me too. I can go to the Forums and everything comes up OK but the pictures "disappear".Diane
Hi Michelle,Not sure how old this post is because I don't know how to set the date on cc. Anyway I'm in Alabama. Not close to where you will be. I am west of Mobile down on the coast. I did live in the B'ham area when I was younger. Hueytown, Bessemer and McCalla. Where will you be moving to and how soon? We make a lot of trips to Tuscaloosa to watch BAMA play. Welcome to the Bible Belt. When you get here be sure and listen to Rick and Bubba on the radio. Not...
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