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I had the same problem until I started using Hi-Ratio shortening and SugarShacks icing recipe. Never ever have cracks now.
Don't know how you feel about doctored cake mix recipes but this is the only chocolate cake I make:1 Duncan Hines Devils Food Cake Mix1 Small Box Instant Chocolate Pudding1/4 Cup Hersheys Syrup1 Cup Water1/2 Cup Oil4 XL EggsBake as directed on the box. Turns out perfect every time.
I was having the same problem a few years ago and posted the same question on CC.I was told to add an extra egg. So now I use 4 eggs with my DH mixes.My chocolate cake:DH Devils Food CMSmall box instant Choc pudding1 cup water1/2 cup veg oil1/4 cup Hersheys Choc syrup4 eggsHope this helps.Diane
My customer didn't request lemon curd. She wants lemon cake for her son's grooms cake. She works with my daughterso I was just thinking about making it a little more special by using the lemon curd for filling.If a customer requested something special I would never think of substituting without discussing it with them first.Again, thanks for all the input.Diane
Even with the lemon curd being "cooked" it still needs refrigeration after filling the cake? I don't have room torefrigerate the whole cake soooo......Thanks Loucinda for the suggestion of using pie filling. That might have to be my plan B.Thanks everyone for the help.Diane
Do I have to refrigerate the cake AFTER it's decorated? All the recipes sayto refrigerate the lemon curd after its made up to 2 weeks. But if I fill and decorate tomorrow night for Saturday wedding will it be OK without refrigerating?TIA,Diane
If you scroll to the bottom of the CC home page there is a link to additional tutorials click that and it will take you to all the tutorials. There is one for making MMF (thanks to "entertayneme) I printed it off to refer to anytime I need to.HTHDiane
When I use DH Butter Recipe my cupcakes are flat. Try using the Yellow (add extra egg) or WASC.Diane
thanks judi. I think you and I posted at the same time. I don't have time to check it out now will try to later.Diane
I'm logged on why does it tell me I'm "Not authorized to view this file"?
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