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You need to help the pieces with wooden stiks, and tothpicks not just the glue alone
I would make many many figurines of kids, running, playing, reading, just being happy. It will be a cake to reflect the hope of the parents to see the kids live as happy normal life as possible.I wold put them all in a cake with the shape of the ribbon laying flat
This are sold in boxes, they are very expensive to make your own ones you'll need the mold. They are very time consuming
Not only I agree with Indydebi, I think if she don't agree and you loose the client, it's better for you, this is a bad sign that this will be dificult clients untill the end
I would do it, but charge just the same as if I was using my pans, you have pans, if she wants to buy extra thats her choice but you charge what you charge, if you want to discount the prince of the papers, I think it would look good at no extra cost for you, but you are charging mostly for your time, not for the use of your pans
I'm dying to start to get serious with cupcakes... but 674 pages!Did any good student read the whole thing and can just give us the most important notes, like a resume.Thanks!
I love thios web site, it makes me want to do a very ugly cake on purpose just to be in it
I had my car full, so when I read the e-mail, i just went to the site and check out, I saved $15.
Beautiful, all, the flowers, the cakes, the website. Good luck!
you can also look for "parve" products at the jewish market parve means milk free and is very strict law, there is also parve margarine you can use with the recipe for chocolate cakes from the cake bible.
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