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I do it, with a little guilt, and not so many, just for the brides that come to visit the venue before the weeding starts.
Suena como que le estas poniendo mucho
I can't see the photo
Hi, I have this item, but the plastic part were you dry the sole got put in a hot oven by accident and it melted. Can I purchase this item by it self?Thanks
One thing about the desing...only one layer white? it looks like she run out of flowers
Covered in cornstrach??????!!!!!!!NOOOO it was just a little bit to make it less sticky, too much and it will make it dry.Keep trying, you are not allowed to quit!!!
More cornstach on the surface, so is not stiky? dont stop trying, if we all can, why can't you?
I think is this one:
Good idea!!!!
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