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Am I too late to submit a pillow cake to the cake contest?
I love the cake bible for recipes.Collette Petters for ideas and decorating techniquesNicholas Lodge for flower makind DVDs
What is SPS?
I found mine in Manhathan at chinatown, at $1 for a bag.
The only way I return the money is if you bring me the uneaten cake back. If you eat the cake, you enjoy it so no money back.
We don't have cake flour in Venezuela, so I use plain flour just fine. I'd like to ask about the mouse filling used by many Australians. What is it? a chocolate mouse?, can you fill a cake with mouse, cover with fondant and keep it outside the fridge? for how long?
I felt it was a little bit fake, like the fondant fall apart on porpouse to add drama, he is too good a cake decorator for such silly mistake. And the magazine calling 5 days in advance for 3 big cakes!!! if you ever worked for a magazine you know how well planed photo shoots are, they never pull last minute things out of no were like that.I agree I would never blame the driver for fondant falling apart, that mistake comes from the kitchen.It lacks the coolness that is Ace...
I have her latest book, and its almost all fondant. It's a beautiful book.
Jewish laws for Kashrud are not stupid, and if you put your kids in a jewish school, you know this are the rules. My kids are in a jewish school and a I don't have a kosher kitchen so I go and buy a cake from the kosher bakery, and don't worry my head with rules that I accepted and I know I can't nor I don't want to change.The nuts rules are for health safety, not stupid at all.
I have one, and I never use it. Not worth the money.
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