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No hay una medida exacta> Depende de que tan mojados te gustan a ti tus bizcochos.Hay quien le hecha unas goticas, y hay quin los emborracha.
Bad bad idea.Royal Icing will brake to the contact with any fat.Pipe royal icing on fondant, pipe bc on bc.
The bride wrote on her facebook profile that of course it was fake.I love this show, but it has sooo many fake moments, and it really don't need them.And I also think it's a little bit to corny to end every show with a family scene.But the cakes are Great, and you learn something new in every show.
No, Royal gives you a cleaner finish, just don't put the cake in the fridge after is covered with fondant. It doesn't need it
You don't need to put the cake in the fridge. The non dairy creamer covered with fondant is good out side, for one night, and the next day.The royal might bleed, you are right about that, and the pearls might loose their shine. About the black royal, you can put a little powder chocolate (cacao) on the mix, but I usually use the black color right in to the white royal. Americolor is very good brand and you don't need too much to get a good intensity
Same here. Spending all saturday afternoon from site to site.Some don't have the table ready, some don't have anybody to receive the cake. Some don't even know were the cake go!
I give it as a gift to the bride and groom.
Thank you brincess_b it really must be hard to be a room attendant, but I was wondering more about working on the kitchen. Making cakes or as a pastry chef in a Hotel.
Has any of you ever worked in a Hotel?I would like to hear your experiencesThanks
Roll the fondant, and let it sit for about 15 min. This will make the surface only to dry. Then pas the roller again, you will see the dry surface get streachmarks that resemble leather
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